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Global account[edit source]

Hi, DerHexer! You asked me to create the local account. Unfortunately my username is used by other people in other wikipedias. I have accounts with different user names in fi.wikipedia and translatewiki. Is it possible to rename and unify them all to a single account? - Neruda (talk) 11:49, 17 ngônda ya ntete 2015 (UTC)

Neruda, according to Special:CentralAuth/Neruda, you successfully created a global account. Unfortunately, you could not complete the unification of all local accounts. As some of these had no visible edits, I've usurped them according to m:Usurpation policy. Unfortunately, there are fix account left which will be usurped during SUL finalization till April 2015 without your intervention. Once all your accounts are completed global ones, stewards could merge their names and edits upon their request as soon as the account merge tool will be available for us, that's expected to be late January/early February. That merge action would combine all your edits done by multiple accounts with one global account, Neruda for example. Of course, you can still keep them separated if you prefer. If you have any problem with doing that, I'm confident that we can solve them together. :-) Cheers, DerHexer (talk) 00:03, 18 ngônda ya ntete 2015 (UTC)